Beyond Stress Relief and Flexibility

Yoga's renowned for reducing stress and enhancing flexibility, yet it holds more. Yoga asanas remarkable ability to alleviate chronic pain. If you're grappling with unrelenting back pain, the therapeutic power of yoga could be your answer. Incorporating simple asanas might bid adieu to discomfort, restoring your vibrant life. Read more to

Healing with Yoga and Natural therapies

Ms. Mita Vinay, a former corporate professional, struggled with back pain, joint pain, migraines due to early arthritis and thyroid issues. Through alternative therapies like yoga, acupuncture, and dry cupping she reversed her health conditions and has been medicine-free for four years. She founded Bodhsara, a wellness center that promotes

Beat your Anxiety and Stress through Yoga

The Good Influence of Yoga on Anxiety and Stress. Read more about some of the simple asanas that can be helpful for anxiety and stress.

Yoga: A complete guide

Yoga, the path to enlightenment, dates back to about 4000 years. A form of solace for the restless mind, a boon for the sick, a way to remain fit and smart for the common man.

Yoga - Good Health

Yoga in your daily routine is not just about exercising, but discovering a sense of oneness with yourself, the world, and nature. How to achieve it? Keep reading.

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