Strengthen your Immune System using Varmam

Boost your Immune system with traditional methods

Immune system is the inherent defense mechanism against infections that gets activated immediately when a foreign particle attacks and tries to disrupt the general health. Immunity refers to the ability of your immune system to defend against infections and diseases. Maintaining a healthy immune system was a part of our Indian tradition for centuries. The culture and tradition followed by our ancestors was taking care of our immune system by default. In the article here, we will talk about strengthening or balancing the immune system through traditional methods.


History of Varmam System of Treatment


Legends believe that Lord Shiva is the one who was responsible for the origin of the Varmam system. According the mythology, Lord Shiva, on seeing his sons Ganesh and Karthikeya in single combat, told them that hitting and kicking each other would result in ailments. He also explained this Varmam system to his consort, Parvathi who then taught it to their son Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan introduced the Varmam system to Siddha Agasthiyar who made it reach the masses in the written form. Throughout the Hindu mythology, the Varmam systems use has been constantly noted in times of combat. 


What are the Varmam points?


Varmam points are the vital points present all over the body; many kinds of literature quote that there are totally 108 Varmam points. These points pass the prana or energy from the sole of the foot to the universe through the nose. There are many classifications about Varmam points such as Padu Varmam, Thodu Varmam, Vatha Varmam, Adhara Varmam, etc.


Varmam Points and their Benefits


  1. Porchai – Located on the hindsight of the skull, this point helps improve health, eye and ear disorders, weakness, and strengthens memory.
  2. Penkuzhi – This point is located in the dips in the sides of the skull on adjacent sides of the spine. You can stimulate this point by placing the head in between the thumb and index finger, as if holding the head of a child, for 30 seconds. This will help bone marrow functioning and strengthen the immune system. 
  3. Karakkadangal – Located at the temple region on the forehead, this point can be stimulated by using the middle 3 fingers and giving gentle circular rotations for 30 seconds. It is especially helpful when one is feeling giddy or dull. 
  4. Talaippagai Adangal – This particular point is located around the crest of the head, where the crown or turban rests, hence, can be stimulated by tying a cloth around the region. It helps to maintain focus, in thinking and making apt and just decisions, strengthen the neurons and the immune system.
  5. Pi Adangal – Centrally located on the rig cage at the tip of the sternum, this point can be stimulated by using the thumb and gently pushing upward for 30 seconds. It helps to expand the lungs to its maximum capacity and make the oxygen reach up to the alveoli. 
  6. Ner Varmam – Located at the centre of the chest and stimulated using the middle 3 fingers to move up and down mildly for 5-10 seconds. This particular point helps in resolving piles, chest pain, normalizes heart-beat, palpitations, strengthens the mind, respiratory disorders, acid reflux, digestion, relaxes the body and mind. 
  7. Thilartha Varmam – Located at the dip in the junction between the eyebrow, this Varmam point gets stimulated by applying a bindi, vermilion, sacred ash (vibhuti), or black kajal dot. It helps in the diseases of the body and mind, relieves headaches, eye diseases, running nose, diseases due to deficiencies in secretions of the ductless and the pituitary glands, and wards off evil eyes.
  8. Minvetti Kaalam – Located at the junction of the inner end of the eyes and the nasal bridge, this point is helpful for eye and nasal diseases, watery eyes, and headache. 
  9. Ullangai Adangal – Gently massaging the centre of the palm, where this point is located, using the palm or thumb can help energize and increase body strength, enhances body immunity, and wards off evil eye. 
  10. Ullangaal Vellai – This point is located at the centre of the sole of the foot and can be stimulated by using the thumb to apply upward pressure at this point in the action of press release done 5 times. Repeat this thrice. It helps activate the body’s energy and ensures efficient body functioning. 
  11. Sutradangal /YenthiAdangal – Located at the centre of the armpit, this point can be stimulated using the palm to give small upward pressure (as if lifting a child). It helps balance the circulation in the body and mobility of limbs. 

Building Immunity


In every stage of life, each of the habits that were inculcated right from brushing the gums and teeth with finger, applying oil to the whole body and standing in the sun, consuming seasonal foods, using cow products, cow dung, cow’s urine (gomutra), turmeric powder, neem leaf, tulsi leaves, etc., were all used to build the immune system. These are indications that at every point in life Varmam is being used and stimulated. Let’s understand how, step-by-step, the immune system can be balanced and strengthened:


  • A concoction made up of tulsi, turmeric, and cloves was given to a person affected by a simple cough. This does not act as a medicine or treatment but is a traditional manner of preparing the body to fight infections by building antidotes. 
  • The navel absorbs negative energy very easily. Hence, wearing a dress tight on the upper abdomen above the navel is a good practice to block any bad energy entering the body. 
  • Combing the hair and styling it by putting a knot on the head stimulates the Karakkadangal, Talaippagai adangal, Sutradangal, etc.
  • Wearing ornaments on the hand (kada) increases the strength (mooladhara) which prevents a person from getting infected easily. 
  • Ornaments worn in the leg such as anklets, toe-ring, etc., help in strengthening and increasing the circulation. 
  • Similarly, piercing ears and nose also help people keep their immune system strong in their own ways.


Strengthening of the immune system can be done by imbibing the traditional practices, like stimulating Varmam points, in our lives to enable the effective functioning of the inbuilt defense mechanism to take care of our body and help us lead a healthy and happy life. 

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