Wholeness is… more than not being sick.

Updated: Sep 23

What is Wholistic health…

When we hear the word “health” what comes to mind? Is health about feeling good? Maybe it’s about a well-maintained body? Does physical health preclude and guarantee a “life of happiness”?

Many of us grew up thinking that being healthy simply meant “not being sick.” Yet health is much more complicated than we previously thought.

Modern medicine has made great advances in medical science in our century. Many of us still believe that something is lacking within its approach; it is clearly visible and manifested in the current healthcare crisis.

Wholistic health is in the union of the mind; body and spirit.

It means that you are a totality not just a sum of several moving elements.

How Wholistic concept works?

The concept of Wholistic healing emphasizes the health and well-being between the mind, body, and spirit in relation to the Environment as a Whole. Although the term "Wholistic" can mean many different things, we might refer to it in the original sense of wholeness.

Your physical body and mind are connected and impact each other's ability to optimally perform. In the same way; the quality of your diet, water and exercise directly affects the health of your body and mind. So the energy and information you take in through your mind and sense organs therefor influence your body performance ;)

A relatively new concept called lifestyle disorder has crept into our society and now poses a serious threat. It is a catch-all word for illnesses that might develop for a variety of causes, many of which are related to adopting an unhealthy lifestyle.

Conventional medicine & Holistic Medicine

Conventional treatments present a limitation in treating diabetes, chronic pain, obesity, infertility, cardiovascular disease and cancer problems because of their disease or symptom-centered approach, quick and short-term benefits, side effects, or resistance due to ongoing drug use.

Holistic medicine's advancement has been accelerated by the hunt for permanent or optimal natural treatments. The whole person is considered in holistic health, including both the body and the psyche. Instead of only treating the symptoms, it concentrates on treating the fundamental cause of illness.

Natural foods, eating habits, lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, body-mind techniques like yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, and Eastern healing practices are all included in it. All of these are undeniably beneficial and show a rise in consciousness. It also incorporates all the aspects of healthy living.

Benefits of Holistic Medicine

By using an integrated holistic healing approach, you may get in touch with your body and its natural healing capacity. You can learn what works best for you personally and increase your self-awareness as a result.

A holistic approach to health educates you to be aware of and respond to your body's signals. This can help prevent or treat health problems before they get worse.

How Can Health Be Restored?

Health is a human’s responsibility. For instance, a person who regularly meditates might not experience stress the same way as someone who doesn't. If you as an individual recognition the significance of this responsibility, you will never have to rely on anyone for your own health! This is because your health is in you, in your choices, in your day-to-day activities, in your mind.

Your health reflects you as a person. If your priority is Health, then Holistic medicine is the right place for you.

Wellness Garden goal is to support you in prioritizing your optimum health in times when physical pain might be controlling your every day living.

By offering customer concentric holistic health treatment solution based on your symptoms, available time, preferred location, and budget.

Choice Is Yours. Choose Consciously.

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