How Archana Rao became India’s Laughter Yoga Ambassador

Her Story

Ms. Archana Rao, 46 years old, a corporate HR professional, After quitting her corporate job in 2009 due to recession and against her family’s wishes floated her own firm. In 2013, she experienced a downside on her work front and personal front as well. This caused an extreme stress, unhappy and low in her life. At work, clients fretted that they were unable to strike a work-life balance.


Treatment Journey & Recovery

During her bad times, in her regular routine, she came across a Laughter Yoga session by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga. That one session uplifted my mood instantly. Her problems did not vanish, but she suddenly felt very relaxed, lighter and calm. She had discovered a very unique technique to reduce stress, increase productivity and be happy. She got herself trained as laughter yoga expert coach and therapist with Dr. Madan Kataria. The five days of training changed her life in ways she had never experienced or laughed like this before. 


Personal Learnings

She wished to return and share her gift of laughter with others. She started delivering laughter yoga sessions for social causes. In return, these laughter sessions started bringing in so much more joy, happiness, and peace in her life. Soon, she became an entrepreneur of “Laughter Yoga India” and was invited by corporate to share the joy of laughter yoga with fun and effective techniques to their employees. 


Life Today

Ms. Archana practices Laughter Yoga everyday, this has improved her capacity to deal with day to day life situations and challenges very easily. She feels joyful within and hence express that joy and happiness to outside world. Laughter helps and promotes overall well-being.


Learn more about Laughter Yoga and how it can benefit you in pain relief and optimal health.



Introduction of Laughter Yoga

Regular practice of yoga has countless health benefits. While there are many forms of yoga and types of asanas, there is also a branch of yoga called Laughter yoga or Laughing yoga (LY).


Laughter is believed to be beneficial to individuals because it reduces anxiety and stress, renders pain manageable and bolsters the immune system. By laughing, the theory goes, you’re able to keep your cool in a stressful work situation, make peace with the hurt and pain in your past or deal with the stress of a serious illness.


Laughing yoga involves a series of movements and breathing exercises that promote deliberate laughter. Laughter therapy can’t take the place of conventional therapies entirely, but there is increasing evidence that a few hearty chuckles can help you along the road to recovery.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

  • Effective cardio workout – improves cardiopulmonary endurance and helps burn calories.
  • Aerobic exercise – Laughter Yoga exercises are devised to facilitate longer exhalation and deep breathing through the diaphragm. This helps in flushing the lungs of stale residual air and increasing the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain. This helps us feel healthier and more energetic and relieves of pain and stress.
  • Increases Blood Circulation – Laughter dilates blood vessels and improves pumping of the heart, thereby increasing blood circulation. It is like ‘internal jogging’ that massages and promotes circulation to the digestive and lymphatic systems. It increases circulation to flush the body and organs of waste products leaving us ready to operate at peak performance.
  • Best Stress Buster – laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine and triggers the release of a feel-good chemical known as ‘Endorphin’ in our body which puts us in a good mood naturally.


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