From Chronic Pain to Inner Healing: The Pranic Healing Journey of Dr. Amita Kaushal

Her Story

Dr. Amita Kaushal, 54 years old is an Editor of natural healthcare magazine, Heritage Amruth, content writer for I-AIM Healthcare Center, Bangalore.


Treatment Journey & Recovery

In her early days as a scientist and a home-maker, she juggled her time between work, home, and children. Her active lifestyle was interrupted when she started experiencing neck and shoulder pain, headaches. The pain gradually worsened and interfered with her daily life, eventually she consulted the conventional physician and she was prescribed pain relievers each time. This lifestyle, along with pain and medicine continued for more than 10 years and yet there was no healing from the pain. She researched natural solutions for pain and started Ayurveda and integrative treatment from I-AIM. Around the same time a friend recommended Pranic Healing (energy healing) along with meditation to her. This became the turning point in her life without pain.


She enrolled for the basic level of Pranic Healing course, she practiced self-healing on herself as a part of the workshop, and despite having no medical background, was able to heal her pain completely. This personal experience formed the core of her foundational belief in the energy healing system.


Personal Learnings & Life Today

Today, she is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer (ACPH) and is currently pursuing Certified Pranic Healing (CPH). Regular pranic healing practice keeps her healthy and happy. On her bad days it helps calm her down, re-energized and it gives more clarity, as it helps her to get in touch with her core inner power.


Learn more about Ayurveda and Pranic Healing and how it can benefit you for pain relief and optimal health.




What is Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a form of energy healing.

‘Prana’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘life force energy’. It is a Natural Healing technique developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and is based on the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself, if the energy systems are functioning properly. Energy imbalance in an individual requires aura cleansing and then recharging it with energy or prana. This helps the physical body recover and function better. It may not be used as a replacement for medicine but complements its results consistently. The emphasis of Pranic healing is on the energy field of the person or aura.


Benefits of Pranic Healing 

  • Balancing the energy systems: Pranic Healing can help balance the body’s energy systems, which can help alleviate pain and promote healing.
  • Relieving stress: Chronic pain can be stressful, and Pranic Healing can help reduce stress levels, which can make it easier to manage chronic pain.
  • Promoting relaxation: Pranic Healing can promote relaxation, which can help reduce tension and alleviate pain.
  • Enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities: Pranic Healing can help activate the body’s natural healing abilities, which can help speed up the healing process and reduce chronic pain.


It’s important to note that while Pranic Healing has potential benefits for chronic pain and other ailments. To undergo this no-touch natural healing technique you must visit a healer who is well-versed with the healing technique to achieve optimum benefit. Having no side effects and activating the self-healing mechanisms of the body.

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